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Mom Gave Baby to a Stranger Saying; ‘He’d be better off with you’

Mom gives toddler away to a stranger. Scranton Police Department: what the woman did does not constitute a crime.

This article gave me so many mixed emotions. First, I felt sad thinking of the child and how scared an alone he must feel; then I felt relieved that the mother didn’t hurt her child.

A distressed mother handed her baby boy to a stranger on the street and told the woman ‘he’d be better off with you.

The mother passed her little boy – believed to be between 12 and 15 months old – to the stunned stranger outside a laundromat in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday. She then walked away.

The stranger she gave the baby to immediately contacting police. Scranton Police Department said what the woman did does not constitute a crime. Continue reading…

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